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Birdacious Toys was created upon request of my feathered companion, Rocky. I found out early in our relationship that my Goffin’s Cockatoo was very destructive. Pet store toys are limited in variety and very expensive. I got frustrated quickly with how long it didn’t take Rocky to tear through a pricey toy.

Rocky requested some new ideas for more “durable” toys.

My mom and I have been making toys since early 2006. Rocky has insisted on inspecting each model’s prototype since the early stages of creation. I, of course, took into consideration each and every one of his suggestions for improvements. I originally set out to create durable toys for the larger parrot species. Rocky suggested that I make toys for smaller friends too.

Me and  Rocky
Rocky and Lilacs

Rocky is a Goffin’s Cockatoo. One of the smallest breeds of the cockatoos, he is 10 inches from head to tail. Goffin’s can live as long as 50-60 years.

 Rocky was wild caught by his first owner when he was very young. I found Rocky at a pet store after his owner had passed away. His sweet personality and calm nature made me fall in love. Rocky is a character and loves to be involved in everything I do. I tried to convey a little of his personality with pictures of him all over the website.

When Rocky adopted me he was in his mid 20s, that was in 2005. I celebrate Rocky’s birthday every year on December 3rd, the day I brought him home to live with me.

  We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

  I make unique toys compared to those available in my area.

  My goal is to have more durable, but eventually destructible toys!

  All my toys are made with bird friendly materials.
  I use 100% cotton rope, nickel plated hardware, vegetable tanned leather, and bird safe colorants.

  I do NOT support toys that encourage your feathered friend to chew on or play with your jewelry or clothing.

  I also do not recommend or use flavored wood parts. Please Remember! No nonfood item is safe to ingest!

Hey Handsome! Wet Bird! Camouflage Look Who's Driving Chicken Flavor!?!
Patriotic Mmm French Fries! Favorite Rattle Doing Laundry Peek-a-boo!
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